Friday, January 1, 2010

Salutation to Johoreans

(1) During my study time, I've went to few states. I've went to Terengganu for my matriculation, and then to Selangor for my undergaduate programme. Along the way, I've made friends with many other statesmen, from Pahang, Kelantan, Kedah, Perlis etc. I've also traveled to some other states too.

(2) Within these times also I've learned many differences in Malay culture between these states. Each community has its own culture, and of course different way of thinking.

(3) However, after analysing each states, I've got to salute Johoreans. Some of you may think I'm buyers for my state, but those who're in my shoes, whom travel a lot, may notice it too.

(4) From what I saw, we Johoreans actually have the most terrific and original Malay customs in Malaysia. We can see it's apply in most our daily lives, in marriage, architecture, family lives, our way of thinking and our phisolophy, the way we interact etc.

(5) Typical Johoreans especially in rural areas dominated by Javanese people, we like to beautify our houses, and its front yard. We usually divide our yards with our neighbours using flowers plant, being planted along the border. Eventhough our village houses design is simple, many of us like to paint it, thus bringing beauty and serenity inside our homes.

(6) Johoreans are typically moderate minded, and there's no such extremism inside us. Some will claim that sometime our moderation surpasses our religion view, but bare in mind that until the year 2000, Johoreans has the most sistematic and influential Islamic school system in Malaysia, which is standard for all districts. This moderation most probably why Johor was the most developed state in Malaya in the early 1900's until about 1940. Sultan of Johore was a good friend of her majesty Queen of England, bringing England systematic approach in good governance inside Johor, and asimilated it with Islamic and Malay tradition. When all other state palaces were still built using wood, Johor already has a palace build using stone, the Istana Bukit Serene, and beautiful mosques like Sultan Ibrahim mosque in Muar, taking English styles inside them.

(7) We are usually quite funny people, especially when we're chatting to each other. I laugh a lot when I spent my time listening to the senior people talking to each other. The 'old school' jokes for me are just hilarious..I laughed a lot. Even when their picking each other, they did it in hilarious manner so those whom being picked feel funny about it.

(8) Bringing English good governance also means education level of Johoreans increased significantly. This was also another factor why the ultimate tsunami of independence movement started at Johor, with Dato' Onn Jaafar leading it, until the establishment of UMNO in Johor palace. Of course, there were many attempted movement to free Malaya from British grip, however Johoreans were the first people to notice how to do it the correct way. With that, we are usually very patriotic, especially old timers.

(9) I've also learned that the actual 'Bahasa Melayu' is define as the language spoken inside Johor, Riau and islands around it.

(10) There are many other exciting cultural heritage that Johoreans posesses. It will take time to explain it all. In marriage, marhaban, potong jambul, zapin etc. A few people said we should leave our cultures since it is not 'Islamic'. For me this is wrong, except cultures that directly oppose our religion.

(11) Sesungguhnya Allah menciptakan kamu dari pelbagai bangsa untuk saling kenal-mengenali antara satu sama lain. Ini salah satu pengiktirafan mengenai budaya bangsa yg berlainan.

(12) It will be easy if we open our hearts to each other.


  1. sudahlah...ko bukan jawa pun...pahang lagi baik..Matdot paling baik..hahahaha

  2. haha..ko dgn md dot dgn atuk tu same2 pelik..maknenye org pahang mmg pelik2 heheh