Monday, January 4, 2010

The 'X-factor' for a government

(1) Military force is a force to reckon with. These guys in green will only take orders from their superior, and not directly from a ruling government, even from the PM. A country's administration has to discuss matters with the military general, before mobilizing troops to any situation.

(2) With this, military force become an X-factor inside a nation administration. They are the only force that can retain peace, using force to stabilized a country. There were already many cases of coup d’├ętat, most recently in our neighbouring Thailand. When political values fail, they will react, to prevent anymore damage. Of course, not all coup d’├ętat was good. If I'm not mistaken, in 1995, Turkish government was overwhelmed by their army, simply because newly won party in their general election was said to be pro Islamic, and that their military must defend secularism at all causes.

(3) Therefore, to retain stability inside a country, people need good and loyal military forces; their leaders and men must be trustworthy, honourable and yet not to be buyers on any side politically. Their main purpose is to defend a country, and to maintain its stability. For a country's political view and future, they must let the people choose whom should be their leaders.

(4) However, if the military forces are corrupt, then to whom should the people rely on to defend their land?

(5) I bet some of them will feel they have been left alone to defend themselves. Nowadays, there's a saying that you can't trust anybody but yourself.

(6) If that is true, it is very very unfortunate for us.

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