Sunday, March 14, 2010

Review buku : Kampung Boy Yesterday and Today

(1) Saya beli buku ini hari Sabtu lepas, semasa berjalan bersama housemate. Sebenarnya sy mmg minat kepada lukisan kartunis Lat ni. Kali ni, saya mmg x mahu beli buku issue berat, just nak relax shj.

(2) Bila baca pengalaman Lat semasa kecil ni, mmg akan membawa kita mengimbas kembali kenangan kita sewaktu kecil. Ayat terakhir buku ini mmg menarik.."For one moment his laughter took me back to my childhood days...the days when we were not really in a hurry to grow up. We took our time...".

(3) Baru perasan skang ni budak2 mmg diajar utk membesar dgn cepat. Kadang2 x sempat menikmati zaman budak mereka. Sedihnya.

(4) Dengan harga hanya RM16.90 sahaja, mmg berbaloi utk dimiliki :)

Lights at the edge of the world..

(1) There's one fella that me and my friends know acted quite annoying to us. He liked to tease us. Well, I just barely know him, only for the last one and a half month. When I asked a friend, he said this person was a different person last time, but something happened to him that turned him to this 'new' person.

(2) He didn't say anything wrong to me..well, I can accept certain level of teasing. My friends like to talk about how annoyed they are with him, when he's not around. Sometimes I laughed, but in my heart I thought maybe he acted like that because he has a problem.

(3) Last Friday, as I and one of my colleagues was taking our evening drinks, this person came. We treated him as a companion, chatted with him as usual. As the conversation gone deeper, finally he exposed what is his problem. Simply said, he has a marital issue. I will not disclose details about his problem. I felt sad when hearing his story about how his youngest child called him, how he missed him. I finally knew how heavy the burden he has to carry. We exchanged our view on how to settle this matter, and gave him condolences, advices and strong motivational words to him. I knew it was not enough, but it was the least we could do.

(4) I said to them these words that I held on for these last 3 weeks.. "Kalau kesakitan dan air mata ini adalah harga yang diperlukan untuk Allah naik kan darjat ku di sisi Mu, maka aku redha..". I saw he gave me a deep stare, without anything to say. Maybe my words ran deeply into his heart. I'm happy if they help him in his struggle.

(5) In our lives, sometimes we felt our problem are big deals. But if we stare deeper inside life, they're many heroes that deal with bigger problem strongly and bravely. They are the lights at the edge of the world.