Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tsunami at workplace

(1)     Suddenly, a ‘tsunami’ is raging inside my workplace, when few ‘hardcore’ persons inside several sections in my workplace tendered resignation letter.
(2)     It started with a dear friend from Stamping, one from QC, and suddenly two persons from my section, one is an executive level.
(3)     It was said that whenever somebody resign, it will usually initiate a wave of resignations. This in my opinion happened due to uneasiness inside co workers, which has been kept and built up throughout their working days..waiting to be released. When a ‘spark’ created, it initiates a wave of unstoppable fire spreading. When you see somebody’s ‘misery’ being lifted up, you feel that you want to taste how he/she feels, and quickly search for an opportunity to do so.
(4)     Like it or not, this is the usual scenario happening inside a workplace, especially in factory/manufacturing environment. People, especially younger generation will not hold on to a job for very long, unless the have a reason to do so (marriage, family commitment, contract etc).
(5)     Some people said that works are all the same, regardless which company you are in. I’ll say this is true, but searching a job that will most suit you is important too. One can’t work with full efficiency with a sense of dissatisfaction on their job or workplace. For example, relationship with co workers, type of job, benefits being given to them etc.
(6)     However, it most difficult to satisfy a human being..and this is a fact that nobody can deny. And there is no guarantee that you new workplace will give enough satisfaction that you crave for. The only thing you can do is to list down all merits and demerits, and consider which one is better. My advice is not to be too eager when deciding to change your job. Your mind and body health are at stake! Remember, money isn’t everything…eventhough I constantly try to remind myself of this.
(7)     If a company can give you flexible time…you can go to pray anytime you want, go back home without much problems stuck inside your head, you feel comfortable with your co workers..then for me this should be the workplace that you should choose, rather than receive tremendous amount of money..but having to ‘sell your soul’ for the sake of the company.