Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The 'working in shift basis' chronicles..

(1) Yesterday I started working in shift..to be exact the afternoon shift. Working time is from 3.10 pm ~ 11.15 pm. For next week, it will be morning shift and later night shift..the week after.

(2) Well, last year I did worked in night shift, when I was still in NEC. To tell the truth, I'm not the kindda person who like to stay awake at night..to be exact I can't. I remember following my colleagues in NEC for Proton Malaysian Open badminton tournament, if I'm not mistaken in 2008, where I finally ended up sleeping inside surau. The time was 11.30 p.m, and Lee Chong Wei was fighting somebody I can't remember in final game, and people were cheering like crazy...even this couldn't awake me. Several times my friend picked me with this, and I couldn't do anything but laughed. I couldn't fight my own body you know.

(3) The problem for me working in shift basis is (for me) it becomes harder to manage your time table..and you feel tired and sleepy almost all the time, especially when you're working in night shift. For example, I came back from office at 11.15 pm and arrived at Telok Panglima Garang about half and hour later. On the way, I realised I was hungry, so I stopped at a restaurant near my house. I didn't want to eat rice, purposely to control my weigh, but ended up eating soup noodle (which has all the 'increase-your-fat' ingredients). Then, with my stomach full, I stood in front of my computer until about 1.30 a.m, before went to sleep. After Subuh prayer about 6.30 a.m, I just couldn't resist the temptation of my pillow and sleeping couch, so I went back to sleep, to satisfy my 6-hours-a-day-must-sleep condition (it is not a disease ok :D). When I woke up, having a bad headache, it was already 9.30 a.m. I was too lazy to take a bath..even to brush my teeth, so I took my breakfast eating biscuits and a glass of milk, and ended up watching 'Max Payne' movie I've downloaded the night before. 12 pm, I went out...still haven't take my shower..to buy lunch. After eating..it was back to sleep time again, until 1.30 p.m, when I finally took my shower, performed my Zohor prayer and went back to work.

(4) Very unproductive day isn't it?

(5) The main reason I was transfered into shift basis was to ensure I have enough time to learn about supervising job and run machines directly from supuervisor and machine technician. Yesterday went well..I managed to get few knowledges about production handling. Hopefully today and the day to come will be even better. Most of my friends are in normal shift..so what I must do is to learn as much and as fast as I can, and return back to normal shift. Eating and drinking without them during recess time is dull.

(6) InsyaAllah!

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