Monday, March 1, 2010

We're different inside our hearts..

(1) When we're in a group of people, for example among friends, most certainly there's somebody inside that group with distinct beautiful or handsome face, which is of course will be noticed by others.

(2) Most of the time, if there's a beautiful girl inside a group of girls, almost all men attention will be directed to her. They will tease her with their naughty and flirting jokes..well, sometime that's including me. Hey, we're guys ;). However, some of them will not notice how the other girls inside that group will feel, especially when there're only two of them. They may look fine on the outside, but inside their hearts, they will say..

"Bestnye jadi die..semua org jadi org lawa ni"

"Xpela, nak wat camne..aku x lawa cam die.."

(3) Usually I will notice this, and I will try to talk to both or all of them..eventhough just a silly conversation, just to control their mood. I don't like them to feel being left by everybody.

(4) For all those girls and guys who have feel they have been left out, I have an advise for them..guys, it's OK. Maybe we're not pretty, we're not handsome, we're not beautiful...but remember, if someone want to get close to us, like us, love us..then it will not because of our beauties, it is because of who we are. All those pretty and handsome guys will have tougher times to choose, and some of them may pick the wrong one. But for us, we will be loved for who we are.

(5) It's great isn't it...God has made us perfect in every ways! :)

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