Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sound bites...I am conservative

(1) I am a conservative person.

(2) I like to stick to traditions, as long as these traditions are not opposing my belief. Traditions depended on cultural background of a race, they were developed because of the nature or the race itself.

(3) To be honest, there's no such thing as being conservative in religion; since we can't dignify ourselves into several classes in religion; moderates, conservatives, moderns etc. It is just not right. It is simple, pledge yourself to your religion or not. No other questions asked.

(4) We're living in the world that our interests in modernization sometimes surpasses our belief, and ironically we are aware about this. As a person, I'm fully concious about this, and to fulfill my responsibilities I tried hard to show myslef and others the way as best as I could. However, from what I saw, sometime it was not working, and I felt maybe it was because my approach was wrong.

(5) I'm a bit fussy about choosing what to eat, what to wear, how we get along with others, how should my manner be in certain situation etc. All of these evolve in my belief.

(6) Inside my mind, I know that someday (insyaAllah) I will be a head of family, with big responsibilities I will take. I pray I will succeed to be a good head, guiding my 'ship' to the direction, living happily in this world and the hereafter. That is my dream.

(7) To my future partner, I love you, and I will do anything I can to guide you to true path. Forgive me for my badself, for I'm human, just like you. Don't hesitate to confront me and tell me that I'm wrong, if I'm wrong, for I'm willing to accept and learn. But do it gently and with smile..for my love for you has made me sensitive to every words you say. Have a religion learning heart, for we are 1430 years from our great prophet to directly learn from him, and the world's craziness has creeps into our hearts. But if we do it together, hopefully all the angels will pray for our wellbeings, and our children wellbeings.
(8) God help me.


  1. well i think that u more 'kacau' than me..hahaha..promotion yourself but but very confident writing..no doubt

  2. jiwa kacau...tapi ihklas drpd hati ;)