Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy birthday ya Rasulullah!

(1) Today we remember the birthday of our beloved prophet, Muhammad (PBUH).

(2) He was a great and holy man, leading Arabs, a forgotten race that even the Romans and the Persians left untouched due to their 'barbarism', to the top of civilization.

(3) How did he manage to do that? Well, we have so many articles about his and his companions struggle. What we must learn is why nowadays, we Muslims have been left by others in so many different aspects of life. The answer is because we left his guides. We're too arrogant to admit it, but its the truth.

(4) Sometimes when I'm sad, suddenly I felt I missed him soo much. It may sound like I'm trying to brag about me being religious, but it is the truth. I felt that if he is around, I want to run to him with tears from my eyes and hear his wisdom advises and the truth of everything that happened. Then I will feel peace again.

(5) Problems of our society can only be settled by Islam. Learned it, belief in it, embrace it..then only greatness will be in our hands once more.

(6) How I miss you ya Rasulullah..

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