Thursday, November 26, 2009

Salam AidilAdha 1430 Hijriah

(1) My family and I would like to wish all readers happy Aidil Adha.

(2) Due to his belief in God's words, Prophet Ibrahim was willing to sacrifice his son Prophet Ismail. His love to Allah was far greater that anything else, surely far greater than his love for his son.

(3) In the end, the command to sacrifice his son was only a test. Allah replace it with an animal, which this ibadah and tradition continues to live on until today.

(4) All of god's tests to us are to measure how deep we're in love with Him. Of course, He will not leave us in vain, for those who belief in Him will be rewarded greatly in this world and the hereafter. Only those who truly believe in this can still smile while others mourns.

(5) How much we're willing to sacrifice ?

Update 29th Nov 09 - Barbeque session with my family at my late granma's house. Sorry, quality gambar x elok, guna handset murah ;-)

My cousins whom 'terrorized' the whole house ;-)

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