Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Putrajaya mosque

From up: Allah (God), Abu Bakr (1st caliph) and Uthman (3rd caliph)

People after Asar prayer

From the centre of the dome, looking straight up

Note there are Quranic verses on the wall glass. These glass walls are being imported from Germany. And this mosque didn't have ceiling fan or use common air conditioning system. Instead, it uses solar energy to generate its own air conditioning system. Plus with an open flow concept, we can feel breeze from outside coming into the prayer hall. Outstanding!.

Notice the details inside this mosque

Some pictures from the new Putrajaya mosque, which I had been there with my family today's afternoon..


  1. A Walk To Remember mcm tajuk filem plak yer :P

  2. Eh ye ke sin, x ingat plak aku mana aku dapat a walk to remember punye tajuk ni..maybe betul kut tajuk pilem