Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PTD assessment programme (3rd July 09)

(1) I received an invitation to join this programme, an assessment that being done to choose the right candidate for this position's last interview session. It was at INTAN Wilayah Timur in Kemaman, Terengganu.

(2) Luckily I was there with 2 of my collegues in NEC, so the awkard feeling could be left aside. We arrived and registered there at 8.15 a.m. There were already many other candidates arrived. We took turn to register. Then, weighing and height measuring session took place. I was 167 cm, with 70Kgs (slightly over my supposal BMI). After my picture being taken, they gave me a breakfast pack.

(3) First activity was a briefing by a fellow PTD officer. Basically, she briefed us what a PTD job is all about. She was a bit grumpy, and I didn't like her much. My friend and I also thought few words from her mouth were unappropriate to use while briefing us. Maybe she had problem back at her house, we will never know.

(4) After briefing, the real activity started. We were given groups to form to, and straight away went to dedicated rooms. This activity needed us to discuss an issue: economic crisis. There were about 10 people in my group, and most of them had no problem to converse in good English. Some of them even opened my perspective in the current economic crisis, since my understanding was lack for this issue. However, I did gave some of my ideas, and they accepted them, so I'm quite happy.

(5) Second activity was a debate; and the title for debate was komunikasi maya merosakkan bahasa. Coordinator seperated us into two groups, boys and girls. In this mini parliamental debate session, boys were the opposition. We had great time debating and showing our thoughts, plus this session seeemed non formal. A great relaxing time.

(6) After lunch and Friday prayer, we undergo 2 tests. It took us about 1 hour. Then came the physical test. After forming a group of 15 person, coordinator gave us ten platic pans. They asked us to make ten lines using those pans, with one line using only 3 pans. We failed to settle this riddle, and only one group succeeded. After riddle solving, we needed to design a dance move according to the song played. The song was about 10 minutes, consist of 3 songs that been mixed; the jaiho by pussycat dolls, basikal tua by sudirman and a siti nurhaliza song (sorry I couldn't remember the title). This was very fun.

(7) We then have to do pumping (30 pumps), star jump (20 jumps) and fly jump (2o jumps). I almost didn't feel my legs after these activity. Last physical test was sprint. I did well, I'm the fastest in my group.

(8) Eventhough tiring, I would be sure to join this activity again if they invite me again.

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