Friday, July 10, 2009


(1) It was declared yesterday by our DPM Tan Sri Muhyidin that government will halt PPSMI starting on 2012, and they current batch will be the last batch using PPSMI. After 2012, all teachings of science and mathematic in primary and secondary school will be change back to Bahasa Malaysia in Sekolah Kebangsaan and Menengah Kebangsaan and other mother tongue language in SJK (C) and SJK (T) respectively.

(2) There were many pros and cons brought to the public by media regarding this issue. Some of them agree PPSMI but be continued while the others didn't. For me, I would like to see PPSMI to be continued. I was quite dissapointed when hearing the declaration.

(3) For me, PPSMI can be a good medium to increase our children competencies in English and improve their understanding in science and technology in the early beginning. The situation that made this programme failed was there were not many supports that should be moved parallelly with this programme.

(4) From my point of view, the lack of understanding on how to ensure this programme works was not in the mind of our educationist and those inside the ministry. In order to make anything work, basically you have to do the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Action); it's basic of management. In this case, there were only Plan and Do, there were no Check and Action. Things became more complicated when the founder of this programme, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad leave Malaysian administration.

(5) PPSMI was a very daring and ambitious project. However, it was achievable. Nothing is imposible in this world. Imposible is not a fact; it's an opinion.

(6) When Muslim Arabs merge as a knowledge superpower last 1500 years ago, what happened was they translated many books and knowledges from other races, such as Romans, Greeks, Hindus and Chinese..and with them the knowledge transfer happened until they were able to publish knowledges in Arabic. We should be able to understand the first place that in order to translate, they must first learn other races languge.

(7) This is the point why we must emphasized English as Science and Mathematics as a learning medium. People might say the last system has no problem; we were able to generate many engineers, doctors and professionals without problem. Yes, but what if we can generate them even earlier. Children are like sponge, they easily absorb knowledges better than us. What if we can make them been able to read for example current form 5 physic lesson when they're only on form 1. Would it be nice to have such a young fella with a great amount of knowledges, just like a resemblance on what happened 1500 years ago?. Isn't the way to built great empire is to have great minds inside it? Imagine if these smart children continue to pursue mathematic, science and technology knowledges until someday they can questioned the fundamentals of science and maybe develop new enigma in science, just like Albert Einstein did.

(8) To be continued...

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