Monday, May 3, 2010

Azim's marriage (1st May 2010)

(1) I went to Marang, Terengganu for this event, with a fellow friend Mohd Nor. It was an enjoyable trip!.

(2) Azim was my ex colleague in NEC, together with Mohd Nor, eventhough we're in different process. Mohd Nor would like to take pictures of this event, so I've joined him.

(3) Here are some pictures I've taken from a Nikon D60 camera, courtesy of Mohd Nor. Congrats bro! Enjoy :)

1st day (Akad Nikah and bride house ceremony)

Ni belum bersiap lagi ni..

2nd day (Azim's house)

And last but not least..the photographers who commemorated this event beautifully ;)
I love all of you!

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