Thursday, January 21, 2010

Approaching my final day..

(1) Tomorrow will be my final day in NEC, after serving her for 3 years and 14 days (I've joined on the 8th of January 2007). Right now, there's a mix of emotions going on inside of me.

(2) To tell the truth, I regard this transition as an opening to new 'book' of my life. Life in NEC and throughout my time here had bring a lot of experiences to me. I could not say that all of them are beautiful...some of them are not. However, I learned a lot while I'm in here about life. And for that I'm thankful.

(3) To all my colleagues in NEC, I told them that my decision to leave this company is not because of them; I've found many friends here..and I'll sure miss our time working together, tense time together, chatting while having lunch, endless meeting and drinking time at the '20 cents vending machine'. However, there are some management styles in this company that I don't agree with, and for that, I chose to leave, for my sake. I'm really really sorry I couldn't be with you guys during these tough times..I really am.

(4) For the new company that I will serve, I don't know what are the challenges that I will encounter. However, I'm determine that I will be prepare for it, and I will do my best to serve. Hopefully, all well ends well. This opportunity is a breathe of fresh air, and I'm ready for what's to come. Of course there will be doubts, but I intend to keep on going.

(5) New chapter of my life colourful as ever!

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