Friday, December 4, 2009

Sound bites... Aurat

(1) When we're talking about this issue, some of us will insist that its depend on one's choice, or his/her acceptance towards it.

(2) Nevertheless, I personally think we need to discuss it further, since like it or not, it contains is among basics or core of our religion. The problem is now, people tend to know the commandment to take care of their aurat came from Holy God Himself, rather than understanding why it has to be done so. Unfortunately, maybe not all of us are emphasizing to make our children, families, subordinates or students understand the 'why' inside this issue further, or maybe even we do not have enough understanding at all.

(3) I will give a simple example: When I was studying (or should I say even now), when we guys get together and go hanging around somewhere, especially with abundant of people, we will easily notice 'hot' girls around. Sometimes when they approach us, then automatically seducing (maybe irritating) words will come out from our mounths..

"Hi adik manis"

"Peewiiitt..wah cun nye"

"Hi wak, no tepon sy -----"

In the end, we all laugh together. And sometime, naughty words will come out. I will not elaborate what are those words.

(4) Then here come the true muslimah, with her full hijab, nice and neat long shirt and long skirt or pants, covering her body exclusively for her rightful husband (InsyaAllah) alone...walking calmly but surely towards us.


Guess what? We all remain silence.

Some of us who were a little bit naughty than the others will probably will say


Then, we will all discuss about what we have encountered..and the most words that will come out of our mounths are "Pehh kalau dia jadi bini aku kan best.."

(5) Anyway, a story is a story. The important thing to ponder is why, all of a sudden, behaviourial change inside our medula oblongatas.

(6) This is the most simple but powerful example. Most of us wil probably understand now. ALLAH COMMANDED THIS COMMANDMENT TO PROTECT WOMEN/MEN FROM HARRASMENT. It goes to the very basic of human nature. Human body was subject to fantasy even in the beginning of time. This is absolutely true especially to men. Each men has its own liking at women body parts. For a normal man, most probably they can handle some temptations. But for those who are twisted mind, even a simple temptation can bring them down, resulting horrific cases such as rape and even murder. Even the good man/woman, if constantly being seduced, most probably will fall.

(7) In order to AVOID PROBLEM FROM THE VERY BASICS, the commandment came. Muslimah have to wear hijab, a clothes and skirts/pants that will cover wholly their body parts and their shape, and only leaving their faces for the world to see. In some cases, women with most beautiful faces even have to covered their faces, to dismiss any temptation they might commit. For those who understand this clearly, it is not discrimination, it is an honour.

Ladies...Allah Himself is honouring you, protecting you, gracing you...

(8) For men, it is a little different, for women are not easily tempted with what they see in men's body. Most of them will only be 'turned on' when touching involved. That is why men only have to cover about 1/3rd of their bodies, at specific place.

(9) I hope my message is being delivered to all readers

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