Tuesday, October 13, 2009


(1) As Tun Dr Mahathir said, open houses during festive seasons culture is solely belong to Malaysia. We are the only country in the world which all races can celebrate each other's festival, being one..eventhough just for eating and chatting together.

(2) Hari Raya also has special meaning for us..time to gather among ourselves.

(3) It is the time when we can told about old (well..sort of) stories, our past experiences and sweet memories, while studying at UKM and living inside the same college, Kolej Ungku Omar. We had good times laughing together.

(4) Time passing by, some of us already have a family, some will be next year, and this leave me a question, when my time will come?

(5) I surely hope we could gather sometime eventhough not being a bachelor. It will be more fun!

Down row from left: Me, Zaidi, Khairum "John"
Up row from left: Hapiz "Jasin", Azhar, Fazli "Lee"

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