Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tak faham

(1) Sometimes I don't understand why some of malays object to continue the NEP (New Economic Policy) in Malaysia

(2) Some of them even ask, "apa hasilnya NEP ni? Takdak ape-ape pun?".

(3) However, many of them forgetting something. I was one of the MRSM student, a school under MARA, which provide a better facilities and learning environment to "potential" Malays and Bumiputeras.

(4) Even with this kind of aid, my SPM result was only so-so. There were many other students which were non malay but scored much better than me. However, most of them end up in upper 6 form, rather than university, while I was accepted to go to university because of matriculation (A KIND OF MALAY PROTECTION UNDER THE NEP TO ENSURE MALAYS CHANCES TO FURTHER STUDIES AVAILABLE). If it was based on merit, than they should be replacing me and many other malays.

(5) How many of malays and bumiputeras can further studies in UiTM (the biggest university in term of branches and student) even though their result was bad (no insult to UiTM student), but due to NEP protective wings, they got a taste of how higher learning feel like. MARA WAS ESTABLISHED UNDER NEP, PLEASE DONT FORGET!.

(6) Sadly, sometimes those malays who opposed NEP have their sons, daughters, cousins inside programme that was developed under NEP wings. They just forgot about it!. Please ask yourself, how clever your sons, daughters, cousins are to compete with other races, with their result were just so-so, just like me. Don't they feel ashamed of themselves?

(7) Please, take some time and check what has NEP brought to us, and find out if you're one of the lucky person who being fed by Allah trough NEP.

(8) True, some people did take advantage of this policy, but kerana marahkan nyamuk, takkan kelambu dibakar kan?.

(9) Ladies and gentlemen, think think think!!


  1. kerana marahkan nyamuk..nyamuk2 yang ditangkap mati dibakar haha

  2. sorry, agak emotional skit dalam posting ini ;-)