Saturday, August 29, 2009


(1) This year, Malaysia will be celebrating its 52nd years of independence from Britain, on 31st August 2009.

(2) We like to dress according to western styles, wearing coats and ties at work (even though our hot climate is not suitable for these kinds of dresses). If somebody wears baju melayu or baju batik to work, people probably will laugh. He/she is not professional, they might say. Not to mention our leisure clothes..jeans, slacks, t-shirts..all need international brands. Those who wear locals, are not 'up to date' and might be called 'village boy'.

(3) We like to eat many foreign foods and delicacies. Nowadays, it has become our culture. Those shops are everywhere.

(4) We try to build our country according to western mould. For us, building high and tall buildings, driving nice big cars, fashionable like them, traffic jam during peak hours of commute times, going to work from 6 a.m until late night, let our teenagers and kids to have 'fun' themselves, which raise many morality issues, western music and gigs everywhere, going to shopping malls and shop until we're drop are the signs of modernization and development. Those who didn't go through these are not 'develop'.

(5) Now imagine how it was when we're small, especially for those who're being raised in the 1950s - 1980s, don't we feel how easygoing life was?

(6) Now, don't we feel we miss those times right now instead of our current life?

(7) Next question is, are we really independence?

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