Thursday, May 7, 2009

Merging plan..

It was confirmed last week that NEC Electronic Corp has started discussion on possible merge with Renesas. My boss informed department members during our weekly Wednesday department meeting.

According to the plan, both parties have reached an agreement to start serious discussion on merging plan on July 2008, and the merge will be official on the 23rd April 2009.
Brief history about Renesas, it is a company that was born when Mitsubishi Electric merged with Hitachi Ltd on 1st April 2003, and in 2008 the company's revenue was USD 7017 million (6th place), while NEC Semiconductors revenue was USD 5826 million (11th place). Should the merge becomes a reality, total sales of both companies will be about 12.8 million USD, which should bring this new entity to number 3 in the world semiconductor sales ranking (just behind Intel corp and Samsung electronics).
I'm currently in discrete devices division. One of my colleague told me, Renesas has much bigger discrete devices plant in Kulim, Kedah..which brought me thought about possibility (maybe) of being transfered to Kulim. Meanwhile, all workers are being advised to work as normal.
I wonder what future will bring...

Well..back to work everybody!

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